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How to Unlock Insights in Distributed Data

Poll Results

During our webinar, we asked the audience to weigh in on several important questions regarding planning & executing AI/ML initiatives.

Here are the results:


Gain Better Insight

Devron's data science & machine learning platform empowers your data and analytics to deliver better insights across a variety of use cases. Use Devron's platform to:

  • Increase efficiency by improving logistics, reducing manual tasks & decreasing costs
  • Increase revenue by designing more effective promotions, gaining greater wallet share & improving customer retention
  • Reduce cost & risk by reducing fraud, detecting network anomalies & mitigating compliance costs

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Unlock Data Access

Devron leverages federated machine learning and privacy technologies to unlock access to data where it resides, so you don't have to incur the cost, time, and risk of moving or centralizing data. By increasing the quantity of data, you reduce the time to value and increase model generalizability. 

The decentralized data architecture maximizes data privacy without compromising the accuracy of your predictive models. Leaving the data where it is helps with compliance, such as HIPAA, GDPR, and CCPA. 

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Time Consuming-1

Gain Agility

Obtaining approvals, centralizing data, and building out infrastructure takes a lot of time. Devron dramatically reduces the overhead of extraction, transformation, and loading by federating the training process. As a result, you get trained models and valuable insights faster.

By accessing data where it resides and rapidly deploying cloud-based infrastructure, you'll significantly lower the cost and time it takes to test your data value hypotheses.

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