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Devron is a federated data science platform that enables teams to build and train models on distributed, heterogeneous, and private data where it resides.

In this demo, we'll walk you through the model-building process and show you how Devron can be used to train a model across horizontally split (same schema) datasets without moving or exposing the data. 

We will follow an example scenario where we assume the role of a corporate analytics team looking to predict fraudulent events with customer credit card transaction data from three regional banks.

Use Case Summary:

INDUSTRY:   Banking
OBJECTIVE:    Fraud Detection
BUSINESS VALUE:    Minimize Risk
     Preserve Revenue


Watch On-Demand Fraud Detection Demo of Devron

By leaving your data where it is and never exposing the underlying information, Devron can help you:

Unlock access to valuable, previously inaccessible datasets (including securely and privately sharing data between organizations
Analyze sensitive data without the risk of privacy leakage or lineage issues
Boost model accuracy, generalizability, and reliability
Accelerate time to insight by drastically reducing data engineering overhead


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